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Grown for Success

Attention to Detail

Total Turfing staff take great care at the time of sowing to produce fine, level seed beds to aid the harvesting process and to ensure only top quality turf is produced.

Best Results

The production process followed at Total Turfing enhances the quality of the turf, ensuring that the soils are light, sandy, well-drained and relatively stone-free. The care and time expended during production, ensures that our mature turf is of a very high quality and can be successfully laid in the best way possible.

Turf Planning and Laying

Turf can be laid at any time of year but by far the best times are March to June and September to November.

A small area should be left to form a natural border with fences walls etc, as it is difficult to cut right to the edge if the turf is laid hard against the edges.

The ground should be pre-prepared with a good quality bio-degradeable weedkiller several weeks prior to laying turf to ensure all weeds are removed.(Please call for details on suitable weedkiller.) It is essential that weedkiller is used that will kill down to the roots and dockens and thistles in particular can require special treatment to ensure they are killed off.

Stones, rubble, old bulding materials, tree stumps and other hard objects should be removed to ensure a smooth finished lawn and no danger of standing or tripping on these objects. A good quality surface with no stony obstacles blocking the roots will ensure the turf takes root effectively and avoiding troublesome areas of future poor quality. We sow, grow, harvest and deliver Scotlands finest turf We sow, grow, harvest and deliver Scotlands finest turf. The area must be spread with topsoil which has been rotivated to a depth of 5-6 inches to ensure the soil is properly aereated. The soil should be raked level and gently trodden down.

Total Turfing deliver and lay turf on the same day to ensure optimum conditions for laying. Slightly more turf is delivered than is needed, to ensure that there is sufficient material for trimming and laying the turf.

In the exceptional circumstances of turf arriving the night before laying, the turf should be rolled out flat on a hard surface such as a driveway, well watered and kept moist.

Dangers to Avoid

Poor soil preparation - Leaving turf too long before laying - Insufficient watering of the turf - Insufficient mowing or cutting too low - Laying in wrong conditions (i.e. very hot or very cold weather) - Laying on soil which is lifeless or frozen.

We sow, grow, harvest and deliver Scotlands finest turf