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All turf should be laid the day it is received if possible, it should at least be rolled out and watered.

Proper care for your turf after laying is essential for developing a healthy beautiful lawn, after laying is when your turf is at its most vulnerable. Bear in mind that the time of year should be taken into account when caring for your new turf.

Total Turfing offer a professional preparation and laying service.

Never let newly laid turf dry out!

Newly laid turf needs to well watered in, use a sprinkler attachment to ensure that the area is thoroughly soaked through the turf and into the soil beneath. Water is the life source of your new turf and is required every day until the turf has rooted and become established, if cracks appear in the lawn it is a sign of under-watering. When watering your lawn make sure that you pay particular attention to the edges and corners.

During the first three weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use of your lawn. During this period we advise all persons and pets to remain off the lawn. This will give the turf roots an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil and ensures that your turf will remain smooth. The lawn is established once rooting has taken place and the turf can no longer be lifted by hand. At this point the lawn is ready for its first cut.

Mow your new turf approximately ten days from laying during the Spring and Summer seasons, or after three weeks during Autumn / Winter depending on grass growth. Set the lawn mower to its highest setting, just enough to take a small amount off the top of the leaf.

One week later, reduce the height slightly, ensure that the lawn is never cut too short. Cutting your lawn too short will lead to loss of colour and damage your lawn. Never use a strimmer to cut your lawn.

To keep your lawn in good condition, apply a proprietary make of feed & weed each spring and autumn. Restrict traffic on the lawn during bad weather, try not to leave falling leaves on the lawn too long as this will kill the grass, and during the sunny days leave the watering to early evening after the sun has cooled, then lawn will remain nice and green.

Lawn Mower cutting grass.